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From the late 1960s to the early 1980s, renowned Japanese war photographer Akihiko Okamura (1929-1985) created a remarkable, compelling and largely unseen body of work in Ireland, north and south. After covering the Vietnam War, Okamura went to Ireland in 1968 and soon after, in 1969, he decided to move to Ireland with his family. From then on, he continually photographed the Troubles in the North and his life with his family in the South, until he suddenly passed away, in 1985.

His photographs of Ireland, which have barely been seen before, demonstrate a unique artistic vision. His profound, personal relationship with Ireland allowed him to develop a new method of documenting conflict: poetic and ethereal moments of peace in a time of war.


Akihiko Okamura – The Memories of Others

11 April – 06 July 2024

Photo Museum Ireland is delighted to present the first exhibition of Japanese photographer Akihiko Okamura’s Irish work, premiering in April 2024.

Exhibition Premiere and Opening Event: 6pm on Thursday 11 April 2024

Film Premiere: 8.30 pm on Thursday 11 April in Meeting House Square, Temple Bar


The Memories of Others

A documentary film uncovering Japanese photographer Akihiko Okamura’s extraordinary work in Ireland during the “Troubles,” and the artistic and emotional impact of its recent rediscovery.

Directed by Pauline Vermare and Marc Lesser
Produced by Lucky Tiger Productions, New York, 2024, 20mn

Featuring interviews with Tom Burke, Sean O’Hagan, Anthony Haughey,  Rihito Kimura, Trish Lambe,  Kusi Okamura, and Masako Toda. Music by Crash Ensemble and Louth Contemporary Music Society.

Film Premiere: 8.30 pm on Thursday 11 April in Meeting House Square, Temple Bar


“Canons and Overtones”
Composed by Donnacha Dennehy Performed by Crash Ensemble

‘Flow’ (2018)
For String Trio
Composed by Sam Perkin

Violin: Mia Cooper
Vous: Joachim Roewer
Cello: William Butt

Special thanks to Eamonn Quinn
Released by Louth CMS
Recording by Piotr Furmanczyk

Originally commissioned by Aoife Burke
Supported by Arts Council Ireland


A new photobook published by acclaimed publishers Atelier EXB (co-published in English by Prestel), edited by Pauline Vermare, in collaboration with the Akihiko Okamura Archive and Photo Museum Ireland, brings together for the first time the images taken by Akihiko Okamura in Ireland. It accompanies the exhibition on view at Dublin’s Photo Museum Ireland (April-June 2024).

Several texts accompany the photos in this photobook, with essays by Pauline Vermare, Masako Toda, Seán O’Hagan and texts by Kusi Okamura and Trish Lambe.

The website was made in collaboration with the Estate of Akihiko Okamura, Hakodate, Photo Museum Ireland, Dublin, Atelier EXB, Paris, and Lucky Tiger Productions, New York.

Special thanks to photography historian and curator Pauline Vermare.

All rights of the photographs reserved by the Estate of Akihiko Okamura

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